Death Valley

Sort of my signature song, which is about writing this song about Death Valley when we were at Death Valley.  This was two mics live on separate tracks for separation, which worked out okay. [Lyrics]

Tiger in my Heart

A truly goofy song. So happy Jeff Schmitz shot this first-time live version. December 6, 2019 @Spacebar – I fully expected a crash-n-burn trying this, but didn’t … quite. [Lyrics]

Trail of Blood (sneak peak)

Old-timey sounding faux-western tune about a bandit and his pursuer, with yodeling.

I just mixed this, but intend to do a video… not sure what.  Anyway, I also intended to re-record the whole thing, but it is what it is – simple and straightforward, with yodeling.  [Lyrics]

The Outlaw Pearl Hart (a true story)

Pearl was one of the last stagecoach robbers, and the only woman (to survive the robbery). She got caught, but knew how to work the press. [Lyrics]

This is a lay-it-down-quick-and-dirty-right-after-writing-it two-track recording from March 2019. I shot and cut the video v1 that same day too. This is a quick reshoot/recut remix, but still just bare bones.


smh / individual

Here’s the two-track garage studio lip-sync video version of smh (social media hellscape). I have this laptop rig out there because it’s fun to record basically outside. [Lyrics]

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