space space | all that space
open space | outer space
quiet space

stars stars | countless stars
so many stars | my god, it’s full of stars
I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid can’t do that
drifting off
back on point
where were we, stars?

weed weed | so much weed
tons of weed | figuratively (indispensable)
play guitar | by the fire

I can sing the high notes if I wanna
but I don’t wanna
I can go all *showtime!* if I wanna
but I don’t wanna

about the fire I wrote these chords
about the chords I wrote these words
it’s meta

stars stars | milky stars
city folk can’t see them thars
space space | endless space
hardly critters in this place
but canis major out in space
and lepus … puppy and bunny