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Lizard.gmac.1_500px(notxt)20191130Americana Rococo is what I’m calling it. It’s meaningless, but looks nice on the page.  Fun to say aloud.

Not interested in hauling keyboard rigs or drum sets; just wanna sing some songs with acoustic guitar … songs that might be from 1870, or 1950 trying to sound like 1870 – except for the anachronisms and weird time signature changes.


Here’s a song – tiamu

(garage version … like, actually in the garage
with the door open – check out the neighbor’s dog)


GMacGuffin Referency

⊗ Old-school GMacGuffin .com page – it’s spartan, but hand coded.
⊗ Our group BigAssRobot.com – a duo of which I am 1/3
Music Vids & Toons by Skeeky Webo Jr. of BigAssRobot (also me)
⊗ My novel, Pissing Off the Arizona from 1991 (pub. 2014)
⊗ some other thing here i can’t remember…

If you really must, here’s a formal About page.  I’d advise against it though.

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