The Outlaw Pearl Hart (a true story)

Pearl was one of the last stagecoach robbers, and the only woman (to survive the robbery). She got caught, but knew how to work the press. [Lyrics]

This is a lay-it-down-quick-and-dirty-right-after-writing-it two-track recording from March 2019. I shot and cut the video v1 that same day too. This is a quick reshoot/recut remix, but still just bare bones.


smh / individual

Here’s the two-track garage studio lip-sync video version of smh (social media hellscape). I have this laptop rig out there because it’s fun to record basically outside. [Lyrics]

One Blue

Here’s a phone take during the 2018 holidays on my hollowbody Ibanez named Kudo.  I had this burst of lyrics that had fallen out of my mouth, and a randomly-generated punch line, so I had to write it. [Lyrics]


Pappy’s Barber Shop

Live @Spacebar open mic 6.14.2018. I wrote this song on a dare. First time played live, and perhaps the last. I know I won’t ever do a studio recording of it… not that kind of song. [Lyrics]

Katie Dear / Silver Dagger

… aka Katie Dagger. This song is wayyy old, like 19th-century old; with different versions from different points of view.  I took this take and tweaked the lyrics some.  Lots of daggers in these songs.

This is pretty much how it goes live, except without the public domain toon.

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