I’m on the train / a headed your way
you’re on the fence / bout we and me
perhaps you’ll fall / in my direction
cause i’ll be on / the 513

my ticket’s good / until eternity
this is the end / o’da line for me
if you decline / I’ll keep on ridin
into the endless desert reach

you said our love / would last forever
your idle threats don’t roll with me
fyou really think / we’re good together
be at the station / for the 513

well I don’t need / to be forgiven
and I ain’t gonn… assign no blame
I only need / to move on forward
be that with you / or on this train

well, which is it? [whistle riff]

still on this train / a headin nowhere fast
you’re somewhere else / i hope you’re well
i understand / i’d tell you likewise
because this train / goes straight to …
somewhere bleak and desolate and lonely

you’ll find me here / out in the desert
i’ll live and die / this lie / on the 513