don’t tell me how to be
i don’t care much what you want from me

don’t tell me what to do
i can make bad calls without any help from you

don’t tell me how i should feel
it may seem silly but to me it’s real

don’t tell me what you think i should do
that is unless of course i ask you to
i’m just sayin

ima individual…
not buying your pitch at all
im original
just like every one of y’all
ima individual

don’t tell me how to live
you must presume i have two fucks to give

don’t feed me any more of your lies
if you say something real i may not sympathize

you’re just adding to the noise
data pollution

ima individual
it’s kinda habitual / ritual
im original
… can’t think of a rhyme here at all
ima individual

I just went online looking for
someone to bring me some tacos