Got a fresh flattop [beat] at Pappy’s Barber Shop
skating on the blacktop, in my mind, anyway, on the way
down to the smoke shop Smokey J, yo Mai, gotta say
looking cool old skool whatta day … thinkin it can be this way

Stashed a cache of lines in the vines in an alley in Rolando
[beat] just the fun ones snappy rhythmic dumb ones [you know]
slap back, jet pack, cracker jack, dopelicious rat-a-[la]-tat

Ain’t no crusader, no curator [beat] or a freaking poet
[beat] not the smartest artist just collecting words [and I] own it
innuendo gonna flow, don’t you know, cruising to crescendo
black boots, grey roots, fug the youts, came in through the windelow