way back in 1899
but few remaining stagecoach lines
young Pearl Hart got it on her mind
that she was gonna rob one

cut her hair short as she please
dressed like a man in boots n jeans
Pearl and her beau a coach they seized
at gunpoint

she kindly relieved the travelers three
of about 400 bucks
that’s 12 grand to you and me …

then gave them each a dollar so’s
they wouldn’t go hungry back in town

her fans called her The Bandit Queen – The Outlaw Pearl Hart

into the desert quick they rode
around in circles so it’s told
days later with their ponies spent
they slept the sleep of angels under vast indifferent stars

waking fresh at sunrise to the smiling faces … of a posse
three … miles … from the crime scene (she’s going to jail)

so here’ the thing — Pearl’s talent lay
in leveraging her newfound fame
interviews and autographs
she went full viral – 19th century style

she junket shine she vogue she esprit
her fans called her The Bandit Queen
famously she made a scene … at trial saying:

“I shall not consent to be tried under a law which my sex had no voice in making.”

how cool is that, no seriously
‘cause women couldn’t vote, you see
she took a stand with class and style
and then went off to jail a while

for this she could be called a hero
except for all the crimeing

her fans called her The Bandit Queen – The Outlaw Pearl Hart