smh / individual

Here’s the two-track garage studio lip-sync video version of smh (social media hellscape). I have this laptop rig out there because it’s fun to record basically outside. [Lyrics]

One Blue

Here’s a phone take during the 2018 holidays on my hollowbody Ibanez named Kudo.  I had this burst of lyrics that had fallen out of my mouth, and a randomly-generated punch line, so I had to write it. [Lyrics]


Pappy’s Barber Shop

Live @Spacebar open mic 6.14.2018. I wrote this song on a dare. First time played live, and perhaps the last. I know I won’t ever do a studio recording of it… not that kind of song. [Lyrics]

Katie Dear / Silver Dagger

… aka Katie Dagger. This song is wayyy old, like 19th-century old; with different versions from different points of view.  I took this take and tweaked the lyrics some.  Lots of daggers in these songs.

This is pretty much how it goes live, except without the public domain toon.

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