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An *About* page if you really need to know:

I make music because I have to.  I always have.  I’ve been playing piano since I was a child.  At 15 I played played in my first dive bar band – slamming out standard rock and country tunes circa 1979 on a Fender Rhodes and a two-oscillator knob-twister synth.

In the 80s I toured around the country for four years in a synthy top-40 band, from Washington & Oregon to Wyoming to Nebraska to Pennsylvania to Brownsville Texas to Kansas to Utah and Colorado and lots of places in between.

In the 90s I landed back in San Diego, where I was drummer/singer for local humor-core band faux pas, and drums/backvox for jazzfunkskapunk band Noisepie. (faux pas and Noisepie songs at my cousin/guitarist Chris Henry’s BandCamp page.)

Meanwhile I became a lawyer and run my own office, hence the pseudonym – I can’t be competing with myself for page rank.

In more recent years, I recorded varying types of music with BigAssRobot, made videos as Mr. Skeeky Webo, Jr., and stuff.

In August 2016, I decided I would learn to actually play guitar, and started writing songs with words again, and learning to play and sing them at the same time! (Studio can make for bad habits.)

Seriously … this bores the fuck out of me…  I’m all about right now, not whenever else.




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