GMacGuffin (T.C. Johnston) writes songs for his own amusement. He hopes the audience likes them too, but onstage he only cares about being interesting. Bouncing haphazardly from bluesy folk to folksy Americana to eclectic to fake old-timey Western tunes, GMacGuffin crafts seemingly-accessible quirky songs tending toward dark, aspiring toward witty — songs realized as dense tales of unfortunate people in bad situations, and bad people in unfortunate situations. And also some silly material. Based in San Diego since the 1980s, multi-instrumentalist GMacGuffin played keyboards and drums in local 90s bands including Noisepie and faux pas. Now he just sings and plays guitar and talks, a lot. 


Death Valley
(live @ home)
(home studio)

GMacGuffin @Spacebar 11.2021

(from 2022 album Ambivalent Love Ballads)

Baby Maybe
(from Ambivalent Love Ballads)

(from Ambivalent Love Ballads)


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It’s a lot of fun what I do … for me anyway.