GMacGuffin (T.C. Johnston) wants to tell you a story … mostly about flawed fictional characters. Bouncing haphazardly from bluesy folk to folksy Americana to eclectic to fake old-timey Western tunes, GMacGuffin crafts seemingly-accessible quirky songs tending toward dark, aspiring toward witty — songs realized as dense tales of unfortunate people in bad situations, and bad people in unfortunate situations. And also some silly material. Based in San Diego since the 1980s, multi-instrumentalist GMacGuffin played keyboards and drums in local 90s bands including Noisepie and faux pas. Now he sings and plays guitar and talks, quickly and a lot. 


Derivative / Mendacity
(live @Spacebar 10/8/2022)
Uncle Andy (No Pants) ft. Miranda H.
(live @Spacebar 12/10/2022)

GMacGuffin @Spacebar 11.2021

(from 2022 album Ambivalent Love Ballads)

Anna Lee
(from upcoming release Maybe a Murder)

Baby Maybe
(from Ambivalent Love Ballads)

(from Ambivalent Love Ballads)


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