sup, chuck?
luck is looking up today
got 42 lazy bucks
put it on my pony – the one who gets away

clickity clackity muckary muck
dubbly wubbly luckity knuck  (she’s yar)

what’s up charlie
seem a little sideways, a tiny bit untethered
it’s kind of gnarly
expended burned and weathered, to keep oneself togethered

burnily buggily mottley mug
fusterlacluckity funkity fug  (y’all)

when you get down to the | lowdown round town
burn a slow one on the | go one bar none
rumble stumble tumble humbly | nada be bumbly gonna be grumbly
smartily partily rudeily tardily | parity rarity [beat] spontenarity

Chuck enters darkly
something wicked this way comes
but dressed all snarkly
a little dab’ll do ya, fer crafty bums

burnity buggily mottley mugs
fuggity fugs … y’all