soulful eyez y soft anticipation
mellow lies, familiar punctuation
a know you know i know you
i’m excited to meet you irl, it’s swell

saunter shy n confidently nervous
smile n hi, soon all y’all won’t deserve us
I’m a different person offline
you’re exactly the same

don’t you know
I don’t know what I’d do if you
left me here alone with but my phone
and suddenly everything swirling inside
shimmer like glitter you
reflect on me something super so sublime
somewhere deep in–side your soul
it’s glimmering simmering wonderful

it all works out
a winter shared is all the better
i wouldn’t expect you to spend the night
but baby you know that it’s feeling right

I will stay with you
I will be your dude
I will help you to
do what all you wanna do
with your magics in my mind
it’s turned me all upside down out of time