well the winds a keep on blowing / through a darkened dirty sky
and the whiskey ceased a flowing / … i’m so very dry

but the rain’s a never coming / naught but dust clouds fill the sky
and this drought will be the death of me / there’s no redemption nigh

draw the moisture from my sodden clothes and contemplate my life

well my pony got to foamin about halfway through the ride
then he threw me and went home n’ left me out here for the night

figure maybe 16 hours more to contemplate my plight

the vultures they encroachin and they give me beady eye
and that scorpion approachin … thinks I’m itchin for a fight

take your beastly prehistoric horrors from my fading sight

well the wind it keeps on blowing / and the rain a fever dream
and the cool clear water flowing there is but a spectral stream

cuz the rain is never coming / and the wind will never die
when the sun comes rolling round again / this is where i’ll lie

and the moon and dust illuminate a desert so sublime