I saw you with that fella
you were huddled under his umbrella
as the rain came crashing down
but the pounding of my racing heart the only sound…

o’er the cruel and coursing rain…
and the blood a rushing to my brain
and i felt my being disengage and slip away

i imagined things one shouldn’t see
and i’m hoping it was but a dream
with the darkness closing on me like a fist about my heart
and the pressure only mounts as night draws on

you had said he was a friend
through the haze I knew it had to end
as I fumbled through the night
there before me stood his silhouette against the light

so I wrapped my hands around his throat
just like you said of me I can’t let go…
but i’m not so sure that
this is really him or if I’m really me or ….
if any of it all is real at all

then i plunged my blade into his soul
was it real or symbological
and you see my nervous laughin
cause my thoughts are oh so graphic
and it’s really quite uncomfortable y’all

in the cruel and coursing rain…
well i felt my being dissipate and drift away