I will drive you anywhere
turn down the music it’s just road and air
break out gopro and the gps
where we going i don’t really care

don’t care about the palace at versailles
rather see the aurora borealis {any day}
cause that’s a longass ways to drive

whoa let’s hit the road
doesn’t matter where you wanna go
just do that look you do and off we go
feels just like fate anew each time
life’s just trying to stay within the lines

into the storm we go and drive all night
never felt so peaceful in my life
lost all feeling on my left side two hours ago
hit that market shake it off

payday bar and fountain coke
needs them rituals, baby, ain’t no joke
find an old(school) diner and that’ll close the loop
… of time and space and everything

whoa let’s hit the road
just say the word and that’s the way we’ll go
I promise not to try to rhyme … anymo
feels just like providence each time

prolly find me driving till I die
hope that doesn’t happen anytime