Angie is a sweet brunette
works at the diner on Lafayette
she longs to leave this loathsome town
because of course she does …
she’s stereotypical

EZ is her on/off flame
don’t even own a proper name
he’s angry at the universe
tries to help but makes things worse
thinks he’s a victim of circumstance
because of course he does …
he’s one-dimensional

Angie and EZ were made for each other

(but) trouble shatters both their lives
‘cause in a tale like this …
it’s unavoidable

and maybe she gets pregnant
or maybe her mom’s a drunk
or maybe he robs a corner store
and jacks a pickup truck
or maybe it’s those things and more
and now they gotta run
… typical

ain’t no showers on the road
sleeping in a car sure gets old
had to roll some dude …
just for a candy bar

blasting south through latitudes
the local radio platitudes
sirens sounding from the rear
red and blue fills rearview mirror
Mexico where they’ll be …
safe and happy

Angie and EZ were made for each other
[mouth cuica]

smashed through the police blockade
toward the county line … it’s jurisdictional

bullets whizzing everywhere
crashing cop cars launched in air
a fireball behind … the filling station

there’s never been such passion
as young lovers on the run
burns like supernova
a race that can’t be won
there’s a storm on the horizon
and it’s blotting out the sun
… its metaphorical

stereotypical, monotypical

now you know what they been through
leave the ending up to you
you know somehow they gotta pay
these stories always end that way
it’s a freaking morality play …

maybe they crashed in the chase-a-rama
maybe they died of blunt force trauma
maybe they’re riddled full of holes
maybe they burned in fiery coals
maybe their bodies are never found
doesn’t really matter (now) ’cause
they’re fictional

Angie and EZ were made for each other